Is Online Poker Rigged?

Online poker is not rigged. The poker sites money from the rake not you loosing a hand. With that being said, the question that you should own is what I have to watch while you play online? There are hackers that programs to cheat, they can claim. But I do not think car sharing rake is the money the online poker site collects from the players each hand. It is a percentage of the money bet. At most locations there is a ceiling on the rake, so it can be in the best interest sites, things in peace and have many players who are mostly normal small bets. The reason why you can see more big hands like a straight flush or four of a kind online is the play online is generally loose especially at low money tables. The more players in a hand means its likely that someone to draw a monster hand. It’s not like the program is shuffling the cards.Hackers that they hacked the poker sites are usually trying to say to sell you some kind of program fraud. These programs do not work and are nothing more than a scam. The online poker sites are super secure these days. A reputation for fairness and equal security to new customers and cash